How to order your pictures

Quickest way to contact me is by phone 07973 667065, I don't bite :) or message me on Facebook see link at the top of page, I almost always answer straight away and also process your orders on the same day often straight after you order them. I take payment via Paypal or by card. If paying by card it's still done via Paypal but you don't need to have an account with them. The reason I do it this way is because Paypal is very very secure so no worries about your details getting into the wrong hands as only Paypal will have them.


Once you order downloads I will either email them or can facebook message them to you.


We offer onsite printing at the track but you can also order your prints at a later date and they will be sent direct to you, delivery normally takes just a couple of days as they are sent out 1st class.

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